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Featured Clan

Scottish American Society

This is the clan we have chosen to spotlight.  If it is your own, feel free to offer constructive criticism.*  If it isn't, enjoy learning about one of the many Scottish families. 

Clan MacQuaig

Motto:  Per mare, per terras 

Translation:  By Sea, By Land


Sept:  Listed as a sept of the clans Farquharson, Campbell, MacLeod, Gunn, MacNaughton, Donald

Spelling:  Spelling variations of this name include:  Coig, MacQuagge, MacQuage, MacQuaig, McQuaig, McQuag, MacCuaig, McCuaig, MacCowag, McCowag, McCrivag and more.

Origins of the name:  The surname Coig originated among the Celtic people of ancient Scotland. They spoke Scots Gaelic, a language that survives to this day and is closely related to the Goidelic spoken in Ireland. This is a language rich in idiom and expression whose influence is felt throughout Scotland and particularly so in the Highlands. The word "coig" means "five" in Gaelic. In Goidelic, the same word is "cuig". However, it is unlikely that the name derived from this word in its inception. At present, there is some confusion about where and in what form the surname Coig first appeared. Our research so far points to a possible Irish beginning in the form "O'Quig", which later became McQuig when some of the family settled in Scotland. Another possibility is that it originated in Scotland as "MacCooish" or "MacCuag" which are included in the list of septs of the clan MacDonald. But a more likely provenance is the form “MacCaig”, which is included in the list of septs of the clan MacLeod of Harris. Also, the clan Farquharson lists "MacCaig", "MacCuag" and "MacQuaig" among its families. To the best of our knowledge, our family name is now extinct in Scotland in its present form, but it may survive in one or more of its alternative spellings. The "Coig" form survives mainly in France, Spain and the United States.

Location:  This clan is first found in the Hebrides where they held a family seat.  They were located in Islay where they were recognized as a Sept. of Clan Donald.  Later they were also found on the Isle of Arran. 



*An armigerous clan is a Scottish clan, family or name which is registered with the Court of the Lord Lyon and once had a chief who bore undifferenced arms, but does not have a chief currently recognized as such by Lyon Court.

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*With correct documentation, we will be happy to amend any clan presentation.  Without correct documentation we will simply remove any reference to that clan.

The word "clan" comes from "clanna" which means family group or group functioning as a family.  Information on the specific clan above comes from various sources. For more information on the clans and the Highland Clan System, see Wikipedia:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scottish_clan