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Scottish American Society


Thank you to Bill Cran for this lovely Doric recipe.

The Clooty Dumplin' ... a recipe for success!
by Bill Jack
Tak yer muslin an' check for holes,
'En intae bilin' water it goes.
A twa, three minutes 'en fish it oot,
It's time noo tae dredge yer cloot.

Lay 'er flat an' shak on floor,
Tae cover it a', ye mun be sure.
Spread it even and nae too thin,
If fit yer seekin's a braw, thick skin.

Ingredients noo, begin wi dry,
Ilka een tak care ta wye.
Oer muckle o' some or suppy less,
An' ye micht en' up wi' an afa mess!

In a muckle bowl gis yer mix,
Oonces o floor ye start wi' six.
Self-raisin' is the kind ye need,
Same for crumbs o' broon breed.

'At amoont tee o' suet neest,
Yer well on the way tae yer feast!
'En taespeens o' bicarb 'n' ginger,
Twa o' cinnamon as aromas linger!

Time noo for fruits rich wi' taste,
Dust first wi floor tae mix em best.
First sultannas six oonces again,
Fower o' currants fae sunny Spain!

Hap 'em wi' fower o' sugar broon,
Add syrup tee - twa tablespoons.
Steer in a cup and a half o' milk,
Added in suppies til' smooth as silk.

Tradition noo and a bit o' a caper,
Sil'er wrapt in greaseproof paper.
In the mixture the coins ye chuck,
So finders may be blessed wi' luck!

Fairly saft the mix shid be,
Poored in 'e' centre o' yer clootie.
Draw in the edges a' igither,
Wi string the neck tichtly tether.

But mind tae leave a bit in hand,
Yer dumplin needs room tae expand.
Noo find yerself a sturdy pot,
Maist like the biggest it ye've got!

A plate in 'e' bottom upside doon,
Will help even cookin' a' aroon.
Full it o' water and turn on the heat,
Clootie submersion mun be complete!

Pit her in fan ye reach the bile,
Then simmer awa' for a gye file.
Keep toppin' up fae time tae time,
Twa tae three oors shid dee ye fine.

Noo an' then ye'll hear a clatter,
As the platie dunces in 'e' water.
Fit better 'an 'at wondrous smell,
Fan clooty dumplin' starts tae swell?

Noo lift it oot wi' loads o' care,
An' place gently in a colander.
Let it cool for aroon ten meenits,
Yer patience tested tae it's limits!

At last it's time tae turn it oot,
Untie the tow, peel back 'e' cloot.
Place a plate o'er the clooty's base,
An turn o'er smartly wi some pace.

Remove the cloot wi' gently ease,
An behold and smell your masterpiece!
Fan tae Chieftain Huggis, it's compared,
Clooty Dumpling stan's prood as Laird!

Some prefer it a filie oven dried,
'At's something tho I've niver tried.
Moist 'n' steamin' for me is dandy,
Wi' a drappie sass weel laced wi' brandy!

After bowl o' broth an' plate o' meat,
Man fa could ask for a better treat?
Scots inventions are ne'er fun wantin'
So here's tae us an oor Clooty Dumplin!

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