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St. Andrews 2015

Scottish American Society


Held at the SYB Hall, in Stow Ohio
on Friday, December 4th, 2015

with Entertainment by the Tigh na Creige dancers, the Celtic Eagle Pipe Band, and tunes by Bob Morehead.
This was our 8th Annual St. Andrews Dinner.


First of all, a great big THANK YOU, to Alex Murray, the Chairman of the St. Andrews Dinner and Silent Auction.  I'm sure we've added to his grey hair and no doubt shortened his life span, but we are so grateful to have him as head of the event.  Kudos to him for trying his darnedest to get us organized. 

Dinner was held at the SYB Hall in Stow, as usual.  And as usual it was an excellent dinner with beautiful desserts offered by the Morehead family.  Elissa (Torres) and Ida made outstanding shortbread, scones and a lovely themed and decorated sheet cake.

The Silent Auction, run by Dianne & Dave Allison had many really interesting items on offer.  So many, in fact, the bidder was spoiled for choice. 

Liz & Dave Belvin helped, with many years experience doing auctions for the Springfield High School band parents, they are a valuable team.

Ann Heflin pitched in, along with Amy Barrington and Shay Harvey.  Shay was rumoured to have a strong connection to the jolly gentleman in the red suit handing out candy canes to the kiddies and taking Christmas orders...

Jim Frost pitched in where needed, at the auction, the bar, the front check in table, wherever.  He knows what needs to be done and he just gets it done.  I couldn't manage without him. 

Russ Luyster was our emcee, doing a grand job of keeping us all informed and happy, aided by his brother, Kenny, who won the 50/50 and then donated his winnings back to the Beltane. 

Bob Morehead managed the tunes with his unmatchable skill and good humour.  With a group as varied as ours and with so many different demands, he keeps the music going.  The St. Andrews would not be half as good without his skilled manipulation of the sound system.

Christie & Tim Walsh and the Tigh na Creige dancers surprised everyone with a life size (?) version of Nessie  who circled the ballroom as some of the dancers danced.  The dancers were wonderful, from the wee tots just learning their steps to those who are competition winners.

Thanks to the dance parents, who faithfully bring their kids to performances, rehearsals, and yes (of course) classes.  It takes a lot of dedication to get these kids to their destinations.

Of course the four folks from our Celtic Eagle pipe band put on their wonderful performances, very much enjoyed by everyone present.  We are pleased and proud to have them.    

Dave Belvin, our official Scottish American Society photographer, took a lot of photos.  They'll appear here and on the Facebook page soon.

So thanks to all who helped, those I've mentioned and those I've missed.  There were many hands - thank goodness.  It takes a lot of willing helpers to put on an event like this, and in our group we are fortunate to have them. 

Thank you all!  Thanks, too, to the folks who run the SYB hall.  They are just super to work with and never fail to meet our needs with patience and a hefty dose of good humour. 

We are well beyond merely fortunate to have so many good people surrounding us.  Something to truly celebrate. 

Maggie Frost
Chairman, Scottish American Society